About Me

The art of Ben Haith

feb 16
Science technician by day, aspiring comic artist and illustrator by night – Ben Haith has been drawing since before he can remember. He’s been published in 2012’s Thought Bubble Anthology and has recently produced the first issue of his on-going all ages series, StormHaven Techs, which combines his experience of working in a school with his love of fantasy and comics. As well as this he is developing a webcomic with a talented writer, set in a world of monsters and exotic creatures as seen through the eyes of a curious 10 year old and his faithful corgi.
He draws his inspiration from life, games, anime, Japan, cartoons of his childhood, D&D and the amazing independent UK creative scene.
He can normally be found in the wilds of Leeds, stomping on mushrooms and trying to squeeze down pipes.