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by Ben Haith



Stormhaven Techs

Adventure! Magic! Support Staff!


A world of monsters,discovery and a corgi named Hamilton!

Other Projects

Miscellaneous short comics and one-shots.


In a land of myth and magic, Stormhaven Academy (and specialist 6th form college) is a shining beacon of light, training the next generation of brave adventurers. Behind the scenes though, fighting back the chaos which lurks in the magical sciences department, are the technicians. Stormhaven Techs follows the misadventures of Tabitha LeCloth (former rogue) and Fingus McKnackle (current gnome) as they strive to get the lessons out on time – against impossible odds!

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Current Issues

#1. TechnicalDifficulties

It’s Tabitha’s first day on the job – but first days don’t often involve battling monstrous beings from beyond the sink!

#2.Lessons & Dragons

Winter has arrived at Stormhaven, but it’s strangely warm in the magical sciences department…

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#3. Sports Day of the Dead

Tabitha’s past catches up with her – leading to a sports day Stormhaven Academy will never forget!

Tales from the

Collecting the first three issues of Stormhaven Techs in one book, plus bonus comics and illustrations by some truly incredible collaborators.


An all ages webcomic – written by Jon Lock and art by me – about a boy named Sebastian, his beloved corgi Hamilton and their adventures through a monstrous alien world. Focusing on discovery and exploration rather than conflict, Seb is driven by his curiosity and love of science – but that doesn’t mean that the journey will be without its dangers.

Zoolog Comic

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